Our team

Mircea Moisescu (Mixu)

Talent Manager


Mircea is the founder of MixStudio company, having been passionate about everything related to media from a young age. From photos to video, sound and cinematographic production, Mircea knows how to do them all.

Marietta Moisescu

The supreme chief


Marietta oversees that everything goes well, she is responsible with the financial part and with the customer interaction. Marietta also excels in filming and photo editing, always manifesting a positive attitude.

David Jurjița



David’s specialization is in video editing, and the fact that he keeps up with the latest trends gives him an unparalleled vision. David translates the clients’ vision into reality, always being serious in his responsibilities.

Felix Moisescu

Security chief


Felix is ​​an important part of the company, his responsibilities include eating, sleeping and barking.